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The 3 Most Important Steps to 
Getting Started with kvCORE!

In this Webinar, Nick will cover the 3 most important steps to take as a beginner with kvCORE. Nick has trained thousands of new kvCORE users as a National Instructor and will give you the best practices to immediately set up your system for success!

How to Immediately Begin 
Generating Leads Organically!

In this Webinar, you will learn about some of kvCORE's best lead generation tools and most importantly, Nick will walk through step by step how to implement them into your business right away as a new agent!

High Level Nurture and 
Conversion Strategies!

This webinar will be your FAST TRACK to getting started quickly, using the same Lead Generation, Lead Nurture and Lead Conversion strategies that kvCORE expert trainer Nick Macri has used to coach thousands of agents.

Systems to Work Your System 
Efficiently Daily!

Nick will share his daily routine for kvCORE and how to maximize the potential of this system efficiently. You will learn how to get the most done in the shortest amount of time using the same strategies Nick has taught thousands of agents to use 15 minutes per day!

High Level Overview 
of kvCORE!

You will learn how the main features of kvCORE function in a high level overview and be given additional steps to take your CRM to the next level! You will be given simple, easy to follow instruction that anybody can use!

Facebook Strategy That Has Produced Thousands of Leads for Realtors who've Used Nick's System!

Finally, you will learn Nick's Organic Facebook Strategy that has generated thousands of leads for Nick, his team and the thousands of agents who've attended his classes and trainings! Learn what all the buzz is about!

About Nick Macri

Nick is a Giver first and foremost! He has dedicated his life to helping others in numerous ways and it is from this giving spirit that he began his career as a Realtor. Nick runs a very successful Real Estate Team in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a Founding Member of the Asian Real Estate Association of Charlotte.

Nick taught thousands of agents Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies across the country and on his popular Youtube Channel before partnering with National Coach Jay Berube at Sales Commanders. Sales Commanders provides fuel for Real Estate Agents and Influencer's Businesses by helping them Convert more Cold Leads into Closed Sales.

Nick has personally Coached well over 500 kvCORE users and Trained Thousands more Nationally using the same strategies that has made his business a success!

You can connect with Nick everywhere on Social Media @RealNickMacri
What people Say
I went through Nick's Ignite Your 
kvCORE program and within a week of his campaigns and automations running, I had converted a seller and went under contract! All I did was follow the process he laid out and it worked immediately! I would highly recommend his program to agents who need direction with kvCORE.
- Travis Skinner
Realtor with eXp Realty Salt 
Lake City, Utah
Nick's kvCORE Setup and Training was amazing and exactly what we needed! Thank you!
- Heather Truhan
Owner, Art of Home Team Colorado
Nick is absolutely amazing! His program is just what my team needed to get set up and his kvCORE coaching taught us how to generate leads from Facebook right away! His training was so valuable to us and set us up for success. Love him!
- Melissa Chambers
Owner, Chambers & Associates Realty Charlotte, NC

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